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Fence Construction League City, TX

We follow the best practices when building your new wooden fence, chain link, wire mesh, or wrought iron fence. We have been building quality fences in League City, Clear Lake, Webster, and the entire Bay Area for years and look forward to building a new pressure treated or cedar fence for you.

Privacy Fence Construction

Cedar FenceWe build a quality privacy fence - We Do it Right.

Our standard fence is set on 8 foot centers has three rails and a 2x6 beveled rot board and 6 inch wide dog-eared cedar pickets. This fence is 6 foot 6 inches tall and keeps your activities private from your neighbors and passers by.

Each post on any fence we build receives as much concrete in each post hole that is possible, that's usually a full 80lb. back of concrete. The fence framing (post and rails) are ground contact rated pressure treated dimensional lumber. Post are all set a minimum of 1/3 the height of the post length for a secure and strong fence. We use quality A-153-D galvanized ring shank nails to fasten the post, rails, and pickets. This type of nail does not rust and bleed on the fence. We use ring shank so the nails hold better and do not back out of the wood.

Upgrades would include using premium pickets which are thicker and warp less, using 4x6 post on the gates, corners, and end post. After the construction is done we can also stain and seal the fence also.

[ Privacy Fence ]

Split-Rail Fence

Split Rail FenceIf you like a country or rustic fence then a cedar split rail fence maybe what you need. We can purchase and install a quality cedar post and rail fence that will give you the look you are looking for. You can rest assured that we will use the same quality standards as we do for all of our fencing projects.

If you have animals or pets we can also add a wire mesh fabric to the inside so you dogs and other animals can not cross the fence line. This option is great if you are looking for a very stylish border containment fence solution.

[ Split Rail Fence ]

Corral Fence

Corral FenceAnother stylish country feeling and/or ranch style fence is a corral board fence. This too is a post and rail fence but uses dimensional lumber for the post and rails. Typically a pressure treated 4x4 is used for the post and 1x6 pressure treated boards are used for the rails. It is common to see three or even four rails on this type of fencing. Corral Fence is often used to contain larger livestock animals such as cows, horses, pigs, emu, and the like. If your are looking for ranch or horse fence this is the fence your looking for.

[ Corral Fence ]

Chain-Link Fence

Chain Link FenceFrom the earliest part of the twentieth century chain link fence has been used for many purposes such as security, border fence, pet containment, and can even provide privacy with the addition of privacy slats. Chain Link fence is galvanized and can last 20 or more years depending on the environmental condition where it is installed.

[ Chain Link Fence ]

Fence Repair

There will be a time when your wood or metal fence needs to be repaired. We can replace post, pickets, re-weld sections of iron fence and more. What ever the problem with you fence or gate is we will fix it for you.

[ Fence Repair ]

Gate Repair

A likely problem that a fence will have is the gate. We can fix sagging gates, hinges, latches, or even rebuild the gate completely. Another problem you might have is the gate post may need to be replaced and we can do that as well.

[ Gate Repair ]

Wire-Mesh Fence

wire mesh field fenceField Fence or Wire Mesh Fence is commonly found in rural areas, ranches, and farms. The most common field fence you will find is a round post 2"x4" no-climb mesh fence. This is also sometimes called no-climb horse fence. This is a tension fence and the need to have the corners and end post well braced is very important to keep the fence tight. T-post can be used for intermediate line post, but we suggest using standard 4/3 treated round post instead.

This fencing is relatively inexpensive and we highly suggest if you are needing a fence on a budget and it will not cause problems with your HOA if you have one.

[ Wire Mesh Fence ]

Wrought Iron Fence

If you need a metal security fence we can install an number of styles and many material choices from wrought iron, steel, and aluminum. This type of fence is commonly used for entry ways, pools, and fence lines that back up to a preserve, forest, or other wooded areas. We can also build wrought iron or steel gates and security bars.

Ornimental Wrought Iron Fence

[ Wrought Iron Fence ]

Wood Deck Construction

Wood DecksNot having a wood deck in Texas is a state constitutional crime. Everyone needs a wood deck to entertain friends and family on. When its time to BBQ it is always nice to have every one enjoying themselves on a beautiful wood deck that has been stained and sealed.

[ Wood Decks ]


To accompany your wood deck or patio it is a good idea to give your guest a little shade from the sun. A wood beam Pergola is a nice option. It provides shade with alternating rafters and purlins to create a lattice of wood to reduce the sun direct impact on your gathering.

A pergola is commonly a prime feature in your landscaping. It has 6x6 post and 2x8 or larger beams topped with rafters and then across the rafters 2x2 purlins also help reduce the suns rays and add character. This is a significant timber built structure that will last for many years.

[ Pergolas ]


Often confused with similar structures in your backyard or garden a trellis is a simple lattice type structure in which to train and let plants grow on. Climbing plants need a place to twist in and out of to support the plant while growing and the trellis is the ideal solution for ivy and other climbing vines and plants.

[ Trellis ]


Much like a trellis an arbor provides a place to allow plants to climb and grow. An arbour however has a 3D structure usually as a gate entrance or as a cover for a seated bench. This are great additions to your garden to a Victorian feel.

[ Arbors ]


A popular covered deck or garden structure is a gazebo. The Gazebo usually has eight sides like an octagon. Equipped with handrails and benches this is a fantastic place to just sit and read a book or to converse with a friend or loved one.

If you desire a quality built gazebo in your back yard the call Houston Quality Fencing for a professionally done job.

[ Gazebos ]

Storage Sheds

If your stuff is starting to pile up then you may need to add a utility storage shed to your property for a place to keep all your yard tools, lawn mower, bikes, and other items you simply don;'t have room for. We can build your shed or barn in any number of styles to meet your needs.

[ Storage Sheds ]

Deck Cleaning

Have us out to inspect, repair, sand, stain, and seal your wood deck(s). We can restore your deck and give it new life so you can use it for many more years to come. It is also important to note that it is also a good idea to have your deck cleaned every 12-18 months to keep the mildew and wood boring insects from invading your wood deck and causing damage.

[ Deck Cleaning ]

Deck Restoration

If you have a deck that need serious repair so that it is safe to use then consult with us about deck restoration services. This is not minor repairs and a face lift but a full blown inspection and making structural and cosmetic changes and repairs.

We inspect and identify areas of structural problems then repair or replace areas of concern. After all of the major structural and minor cosmetic repairs have been made we begin the deck cleaning and get it ready for use.

We will repair your deck to code and then after it's safe we will clean, stain, and seal the wooden deck.

[ Deck Restoration ]

Covered Patios

Much like an addition to your home a covered patio is tied into the side of your house or even the roof line. Older homes had porches and todays newer modern homes has covered patios. The end result is a place to relax and not have to worry about getting rained on.

We can also build detached free standing covered patios or outdoor kitchens also.

[ Covered Patios ]

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